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The Artist Onion

The Artist Onion features acclaimed artists and creatives each with their own unique perspective and artful experiences in conversation with series host John Feitelson. Artist Onion interviews are originally broadcast during Art Addict, Sundays at 3pm on Eastside Radio. Art Addict is a magazine style arts and culture program that explores our creative potential of art through conversations with artists and industry specialists. John Feitelson is an avid art collector, and a passionate supporter of artists.  John is the owner of <a href="https://artistprofile.com.au/">Artist Profile</a>, an international quarterly contemporary art journal and <a href="https://www.art-almanac.com.au/">Art Almanac</a>, Australia’s longest-running comprehensive monthly art guide.  He is also the co-founder of <a href="https://www.artinvestor.net.au/">Art Investor</a>, a curated directory of Australian artists, galleries and art service providers. The Art Addict is sponsored by <a href="https://artistprofile.com.au/">Artist Profile</a> and <a href="https://www.art-almanac.com.au/">Art Almanac</a> and produced by <a href="https://stream.eastsidefm.org/stream">Eastside Radio</a>.

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