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Sydney is changing faster than ever but questions as to how it is changing – and how it should change – are seldom addressed. Are skyscrapers the best way to densify? How do we define heritage? Should more of us cycle to work? Will we continue to work from home? Is the affordability crisis solvable? Must we sacrifice koalas for homes? The Sydneyist seeks to fill this gap by energising public debate. Each Thursday at 6pm we’ll have lots of talk, some fun, a smidgeon of politics bit definitely NO WHINGEING. Join presenter Elizabeth Farrelly, producer Sophie Kennedy White and their informed guests in sharing opinions and insights on how to help Sydney find its best self.

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The Sydneyist with Luca Belgiorno-Nettis

08, December 2023

Would democracy work without elections? In fact, might it even work better (think Athens, which had no elections, think Trump, who revels in them) without the nastiness, lies and corruption that elections bring? This is the huge question I’ll be discussing on THE SYDNEYIST this evening with guest Luca Belgiorno Nettis from the New Democracy […]

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