Eastside 89.7FM is a not for profit community radio station whose licence area covers the most densely populated and culturally diverse area in Australia: the City of Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. With nearly 350,000 people (15+) in our broadest licence service area, we reach over 90,000 listeners every week and our website gets 40,000 hits per month*. Not to mention that on any given day the CBD gains nearly 600,000+ commuting workers, students and travellers from all over the city, suburbs and the world**. (See the Eastside broadcast map HERE)

“Thanks for everything Eastside, for the many wonderful interviews and great support, your team are so great to work with.” – Emma Collison Publicity

Our primary listeners range between 30 and 65+ years of age, they are passionate, freethinking and attend many music/arts/community events, typically with a high disposable income.

Our secondary listeners range between 18 and 30 years of age, they are younger, innovative and also attend many music/arts/community events, typically with a high discretionary income.

“Thank you so much for Eastside radio support, it really paid off as we sold out the event.  Eric and Dave are wonderful people and were very supportive.” – Wolf Mail

Eastside Radio exists to give voice to the people and places in our community with 90+ specialist music, arts and local news programs. We rely on the generosity of over 150 volunteers every week, 1000 supporters and hundreds of generous sponsors to stay on air.


We have produced many successful campaigns for local businesses and events, musicians, products and organisations.

These include: The City of Sydney / Bluesfest / Palace Cinemas / City Recital Hall / Sydney Opera House / Sydney Festival / Venue 505 / Coopers / Four Pillars / Foundry 616 / The Basement / Randwick Council / Live Nation / SIMA / Musica Viva / MCA / AGNSW / WOMADelaide / Sydney Symphony Orchestra / Vivid Ideas and many more…

It was a pleasure working with you and you and your people are very efficient and wonderfully supportive. Thank you for the comprehensive post report that is wonderful to have and APA will certainly be very pleased. I look forward to working  with you again soon on another of our music projects.” – Millmaine Marketing 

We understand that everyone’s budget is different. Get in touch to discuss your project; we’re always happy to work with you to find the perfect arrangement – tailored packages are available.

We’ve also put together a range of different packages to help you get the most out of Eastside Radio sponsorship. You can download them here:

Eastside Radio Media Sales Kit

Become an Eastside Business Supporter

For local businesses looking to boost their profile

For venues, larger events and festivals

For independent artists, community & arts events

For theatre companies, dance companies and all the performance arts

For film festivals

For local art and photography galleries

Contact: Cameron MacDonald

T: 9331 3000 | Email: sponsorship@eastsidefm.org

ANY DOUBTS? Just remember that we are the fastest growing community station in your area with an audience loyal to our high quality programming.

*These figures are based on the 2020 National Listener Survey results with additional estimates by CBOnline. For more information refer to the McNair Ingenuity Community Radio National Listener Survey report available at www.cbaa.org.au

**These figures are taken from the City of Sydney’s estimates from June 2020