Insect special: Giant bees, Bogong moths and mathematical bees

This week on Boiling Point Chantelle, Jake and Nick are back for an amazing bug filled week. The six centimetre Megachile Pluto bee is back, having been spotted for first time in 37 years; the devastating consequences of the Bogong moth’s decline; and can bees really do maths? Sources: –… Read More

Palaeontologist Liz Dowding and Horseshoe crabs

Palaeontologist Liz Dowding and the living fossil; Horseshoe crabs  Special guest devonian palaeontologist and biogiographer, Elizabeth Dowding,  talks with Cat about the contentious fish dominated Devonian period , plus the even more contentious ‘new’ continent Zealandia. Alex talks about the wonderful Horseshoe Crab, technically an arachnid and… Read More

Groundwater microplastics, shark nets, the pope and the pill.

This week on Boiling Point, Cat and Jake are joined by Tuesday Drive’s host, David Barr. Helpful or harmful – offshore shark nets on Sydney beaches. It is everywhere – microplastics found in groundwater for the first time. The pope and the pill – how the pope shaped the way… Read More

New Year Special; Resolutions, Fireworks and Albinism

New Years Special, resolutions, fireworks and albinism The mechanics of fireworks – you can’t start the new year without it Albinism in Tanzania – A not so rare condition and its dire consequences for those who live with it reminds us to value kindness this 2019 How to make… Read More