New Year Special; Resolutions, Fireworks and Albinism

New Years Special, resolutions, fireworks and albinism The mechanics of fireworks – you can’t start the new year without it Albinism in Tanzania – A not so rare condition and its dire consequences for those who live with it reminds us to value kindness this 2019 How to make… Read More

Physics of Santa and the science of frankincense and myrrh

Physcis explains Santa and the botanic history of Franincense and Myrrh Cat and Chantelle chat Xmas science. The science of myrrh and frankincense – baby Jesus’ first ever presents! But what were they actually good for? Santa’s secret revealed! How the relativity theory enables him to… Read More

Interview with Jake Krauss Ecologist

Cat and Alex interivew PhD candidate  and ecologist, Jake Krauss  Have you ever camped with lemurs in the bush or watched the mating behaviour of an Andean Cock-of-the-Rock in South America? Well, our special guest and Centre for Ecosystem Sciences UNSW researcher, Jake Krauss has done and seen it… Read More

Inherited fear (epigenetics) and chronic inflammation

Inherited fear and chronic inflammation Epigenetics at its best: Baby mice dislike a smell only their parents were conditioned to fear; cherries! The dire consequences of chronic inflammation on our body. How it is linked to numerous diseases, like macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers and aging Those stories… Read More

Nail tail wallabies, bilbies and crocs

Cat and Chantelle interview special guest, Alexandra Ross. PhD student Aly Ross talks about her amazing research to help conserve some of Australia’s most unique creatures from extinction by minimising prey naiveté. Bilby and burrow Avocet Nature Reserve. Sources:… Read More