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Shark nets kill – Help to ban shark nets!

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The NSW government introduced shark nets to Sydney’s beaches in 1937. They promised to protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks. But that’s not what shark nets do. In fact, they are a serious case of false labelling. They don’t protect people. Instead, they entangle and kill sharks and other marine species like dolphins, whales and turtles.

Your hosts Cat and Dom chat with two activists campaigning to ban shark nets in NSW and Queensland. Duncan Heuer is the founder of the initiative ‘Saving Norman’. Our second guest, Andre Borell is the founder of envoy foundation and director of the documentary ‘Envoy: Shark Cull’.

Andre Borell is clearly serious about shark conservation.

With the initiative ‘Saving Norman’ Duncan is trying to protect the threatened grey nurse shark in NSW.

Listen in on the unpleasant facts about shark nets, more effective ways to protect ocean lovers and what you can do to protect our threatened marine fauna.

Rays, dolphins and turtles get regularly entangled and die in shark nets.

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