Hannah the jungle vet

Hannah the jungle vet
Podcast: Boiling Point

Have you ever been to a tropical rainforest with its endless greenery and wildlife everywhere? Our guest has and she never really left. A part of her stayed and upon her return home to Germany she decided she needed to do something to protect these unique habitats and its biodiversity. So, she founded an NGO and is now spreading the word about the importance of conserving the last wild places on our planet.

Hannah’s first trip into the rainforest didn’t let her go. She keeps coming back and started an NGO to protect these unique ecosystems.

Boiling Point host Cat chats with Hannah Emde. Hannah is a veterinarian, book author and conservationist and loves the tropical rainforests of this planet. She recently published a book about her time in the jungle and her mission to protect these habitats. Listen in to the story!

Hannah’s book about her time in the jungle. So far it has only been published in German. But an English translation is in planning.


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