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Underwater weather reports – made in Sydney

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Sydney’s underwater world has a lot to offer. There are the sponge gardens, the very rare and yet docile grey nurse sharks and the playful and always hungry blue gropers, so basically a whole world to explore. Our guest helps Sydneysiders to do exactly that, to feel at home underwater and to always keep up to date on what’s currently happening in the watery element.

Dom and Cat chat with Marco Bordieri. Marco is one of the organizers of the non-for-profit organization, VIZ Sydney Diving Visibility Reports. Viz Sydney started as a Facebook group and platform for divers to share their diving experience and the visibility under water at different dive sides with the greater dive community. By now, the group has expanded with a regular spot on the radio to keep the listeners up to date on the current diving conditions. In addition, they facilitate and encourage citizen science.

The logo of Marco’s VIZ Sydney group that provides underwater weather reports and more

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One of the many friendly faces you will see when diving in Sydney. Here a friendly blue groper waiting to be fed yummy sea urchin by a diver.