Catch It By The Tail

Catch It By The Tail
Catch it by the tail is a podcast of songs, stories and poems for young and old but in particular children aged 4 and up. The program features contemporary material along with classics from the past. It also features content made especially for it: stories and poems performed by actors, authors reading their work and kids being themselves in all sorts of different ways.

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Catch It By The Tail Episodes

Episode 9 – Go the trombone

05, July 2019

This might be the first in a series – we celebrate the trombone with a special guest and are very lucky to feature a story read by its author, Melbourne writer Meredith Costain. About playing the trombone/Danny Boy – Zoe ‘Papa-Ooh-MauMau’ – Harold Betters, 100 Lounge Classics Musical Harriet – written by Meredith Costain, illustrated […]

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Episode 8 – First Principles

24, June 2019

Songs is really where Catch it by the Tail began, and in this episode we revisit some favourites, paying special attention to the ukulele. One was Johnny – Carole King, Really Rosie Green Grass Grows All Around – Pete Seeger, Abiyoyo and Other Story Songs for Children I Could Never Take the Place of Your […]

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Episode 7 –  Language Lesson

23, June 2019

Speaking a second language is a fabulous skill and in this episode you’ll learn how in two easy lessons – though it’s not a language you’ll take travelling to another country, necessarily. Ning Nang Nong – Spike Milligan, Spike Milligan EMI Comedy Language Lesson 1 – featuring Frank and Tina and a star turn by […]

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Episode 6 – Sixes and Sevens

07, June 2019

Kids in charge! Six and seven year olds share stories, songs, jokes and advice on playing the recorder. Thanks to Bellevue Hill Public School, Fort Street Public School and Waverley Public Library for letting CIBTT in the door. ‘I’m a believer’ – Demi, Tash and Eden, Bellevue Hill Public School How to play the recorder […]

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Episode 5 – The King and the Sea

31, May 2019

Poems, stories, fables – hard to pin down exactly what kind of book The King and the Sea is and, luckily, no need to try. Beautifully read by Sarah Peirse and Tom Hobbs, musical pictures by Peter Dasent. Big thank you to Gecko Press for allowing this transformation from page to audio. The King and […]

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Episode 4 – On Bicycles

25, May 2019

Another episode with an outdoor theme. Bicyclists young and older share tips and stories and there’s some music to get everyone up and pedalling. Ryan, Soumia, Alison, Owen and Ariel talk about bicycling ‘When you ride’, Frank Luther, from Songs of Safety ‘The Pushbike Song’, the Mixtures Find more info at […]

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Episode 3: Outdoors

28, February 2019

Eight-year-old Leo is eloquent about snorkelling, crabbing, camping and more, with the help of younger sister Ayla.  Then a song about fishing, and one from Sydney group The Vegetable Plot. ‘I love to go outside (Sue Kini’s song)’, The Vegetable Plot, The Vegetable Plot: Season One Australian magpies, recorded by Fred van Gessel, Professional Wildlife Sounds […]

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Episode 2: Tricksters

28, February 2019

Dipping into Danny Kaye’s great repertoire of music for children, and a re-telling of a classic folk story. -‘The King’s New Clothes’, Danny Kaye, Danny Kaye’s Greatest Hits – ‘Nail Broth’, trad, read by Sarah Peirse – ‘Welcome Table’ – Dan Zanes (with the Blind Boys of Alabama), Catch That Train Find more info at […]

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Episode 1: Mostly Dogs

28, February 2019

Catch it by the Tail returns in a new podcast format. Justine Clarke reads a story and we hear songs about dogs and sung by them. And other dogginess. -That’s where it all went wrong by Arthur Baysting, read by Justine Clarke. Music by Give A Frog A Phone, with incidental piano crashes by Peter Dasent. – ‘Roger the Dog’ by […]

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Catch It By The Tail – Intro

12, February 2019

Welcome Back to Catch It By The Tail…be sure to keep an eye and ear out for the first 3 episodes landing shortly! […]

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