James Morrison Talks Upcoming Show At City Recital Hall

James Morrison of The Morrisons band chats with Eastside’s Eric during the Wednesday Drive on the 20th of March 2019 about their upcoming show at City Recital Hall. Sydney is not known for its fireflies – just as the Appalachian hill-country of Virginia, Kentucky and East Tennessee is… Read More

Angela Vithoulkas of the Small Business Party

Small Business Party founder, Angela Vithoulkas joined David Barr on Drive Tuesday to discuss this Saturday’s state election. The party was formed in 2018 to focus on small businesses and their families, and to tackle problems such as rising electricity costs, axing land and payroll tax and cut red tape. You… Read More

Kate Stewart benefit | A Concert for Kate

David Barr was joined by Peter Fenton of Aussie Rock Band, Crow to discuss the upcoming benefit for concert for Australian Music Icon, Kate Stewart. If you’ve barely even scratched the surface of the Australian Music scene, you’ve still undoubtedly come across something touched by Kate Stewart. She is responsible… Read More

Brexit in Crisis – What’s going on?

David Barr is joined by Professor Simon Tormey on Drive Tuesday to discuss the ongoing Brexit saga. With the fast approaching deadline of March 29, and one disaster after another hitting the UK Parliament, you can’t help but wonder what’s going on? Catch up… Read More

‘Watermarks’ – Interview with Photographer Paul Harman

Guest Paul Harman started out as a film maker, but transitioned to photography  when he discovered it was another passion for him. His newest exhibition ‘Watermarks’ features drone  photographs of Barkandji, Ngemba, Euahlayi and Wayilwan land in NSW along the Murray-Darling Basin. In this week’s episode of Drive Monday he chats to Ruth Hessey… Read More

Interview With Film Producer Nicolas Wrathall

Nicolas Wrathal is a film producer and best known for his films the United States of Amnesia and Gore Vidal. He was interviewed by Ruth Hessey on her Monday Drive show recently where he talked amongst other about his new film Undermined – Tales from the Kimberley. Read More

Drive Monday: Riley Film Review of Private Life

Riley Lavelle Long is back with another interesting film review. He regularly presents his interesting takes on contemporary and classic films on Ruth’s Monday Drive Show, with this week’s episode focusing on the new Netflix comedy drama “Private Life”. Read More

Interview with Cat Harding about E-Waste

Cat Hading had always been annoyed by the electronic waste, so she decided to do the best with the resources that are available and start a business company in order to save the environment. Cat Harding dropped into Monday Drive to talk with Ruth Hessey about how to deal with… Read More

Interview with Gaby Jung on Tuesday Drive

72-years-old Gaby Jung did an epic cycle trip across Tasmania, from South Hobart to Takayna/Tarkine, in support of the campaign to protect Takayna/Tarkine as a World Heritage listed National Park. Gaby was even dressed as a giant Tasmanian Freshwater Crayfish throughout the ride David Barr was able to interview her on… Read More

Interview with Dr. Sven Teske from the University of Technology

Dr Sven Teske is a Research Director at Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney and has 20 years’ experience in technical analysis of renewable energy systems and market integration concept. He visited Ruth Hessey’s Monday Drive in order to discuss the future of the Renewable Energy Industry at great… Read More