Drive Tuesday talks with Stephen Goddard about Consumer Protection

Stephen Goddard talks to Drive Tuesday about consumer protection, or lack thereof, for purchasers of off-the-plan dwellings. The Opal tower calamity has raised public awareness of the pitfalls of such purchases. Stephen is the chairperson of the Owners Corporation Network, the peak consumer representative body for the strata community. He… Read More

Vets Beyond Borders

Vets Beyond Borders is an Australian charity that works with communities around the globe to improve the lives of animals, and therefore humans as well. Whilst there are many animal welfare organisations around the world, lots of countries don’t have adequate access to veterinary health facilities and properly trained… Read More

Interview with Bronwyn Delaney

Bronwyn Delaney is part of a resident action group that protested for the conservation of trees on last sunday. In Ruth Hessey Drive Monday show she talked about what’s going on in our neighbourhood. In addition she told us about her new project to plant more trees in order to… Read More

The Man Who Wants to Dethrone Tony Abbott

It seems the Australian Liberal Party becomes more unstable by the day, with a particularly tumultuous year.  The victory of Independent Dr Kerryn Phelps in Wentworth, a historically blue-ribbon Liberal seat and electorate of knifed ex Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken a big toll on the Government. With an… Read More

World Bicycle Relief with Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is mostly known for her ‘I Quit Sugar’ movement. She’s written cookbooks, appeared and shows like Masterchef and the Biggest Loser – but she sold her business last year and gave all the money charity. One such charity Sarah is particularly passionate about is World… Read More

Lior on his upcoming show, Leaving the Western Shadows

Australian Israeli Singer and Songwriter, Lior, joined David Barr on Drive Tuesday to discuss his upcoming concert, Leaving the Western Shadows with the Australian Youth Orchestra’s, Momentum Ensemble. The orchestra will be directed by conductor Nigel Westlake, whose previous endeavours with Lior have included the co-creation of the award-winning song… Read More

David Garrioch on Tim Flannery’s new book “Europe: A Natural History”

This week Ruth Hessey on Monday Drive reviews Tim Flannery’s new book with professor David Garrioch from Monash University. Tim Flannery is a paleontologist, explorer and conservationist. He is a leading writer on climate change and the 2007 Australian of the Year. His books include the award-winning international bestseller The… Read More

Wreckless Eric

English singer-songwriter, Wreckless Eric joined David Barr on Tuesday Drive to discuss his upcoming visit to Australia. He’s an original Stiff Records artist, alongside Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, the Damned and Ian Dury. Eric is regarded as on one of the UK’s greatest underground songwriters. His classic ‘Whole Wide World’… Read More

Faboriginal – Miss First Nations 2018

Black, queer and fabulous – these were the performers at this years Miss First Nations Grand Final. The competition brings the nations best Indigenous drag queens to Sydney to strut their stuff in a week long competition. Competitors came from as far as the Northern Territories Tiwi Islands, as well… Read More

Murdoch and the Press

Two ex-Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull have both come out slamming the Murdoch press for it’s influence on Australian politics. Rupert Murdoch owns 70% of the Australian media, this high concentration is concerning to many people because of it’s impact on our Democracy. Tuesday Drive’s, David Barr spoke… Read More