Musical Steps Founder Winnie Su

Musical Steps Founder Winnie Su

By: Clara Esnault

Podcast: Drive

Our own Aussie Winnie Su found her love for the piano at the age of 7 by listening to her neighbours playing next door. She was awarded her Licentiate Lmus.A Diploma at the age of 14, having made her concerto debut at 12.

She has numerous awards to her name, not least of which is the Sydney Eisteddfod Kawai Piano Scholarship in 2022, which was streamed by the Australian Digital Concert Hall.

Winnie founded Musical Steps, a project created in response to her decade-long teaching experience and recognising the increasing barriers in access to music education. It is a free, inclusive online platform that offers personalized video lessons designed to provide guidance for any musician seeking improvement, aiming to overcome financial constraints in the music industry and fostering a safe, positive learning environment with an option of anonymity.

To diversify her roles as a pianist, Winnie collaborates with various instrumentalists, vocalists, ensembles and orchestras. She expands her keyboard skills into historical performance on the harpsichord, and takes a keen interest in learning to tune and restore pianos as an apprentice!

On 21 April 2024 she performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 5 (‘Emperor’) with the Willoughby Symphony in Chatswood Concourse.

Monday Drive’s Alan Field spoke with Winnie together with the CEO of the Sydney Eisteddfod, Annette Brown, in the studio. Annette spoke of the collaboration of the Eisteddfod, supporters such as Kawai, and young talent such as Winnie, by way of scholarship and provision of opportunities in the development of the arts amongst Australian youth. Winnie obliged by a mini-performance live on a “cute” 48 key piano in the studio. 

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