Arts Tuesday chat with journalist Elissa Blake

Elissa is a career arts and culture journalist. It was a pleasure for Gaz and Diana to have her on their weekly Arts Tuesday show . Elissa talked about what is happening in January and gives her recommendations on new magnificent shows including a new slam poetry show. Read More

Neer Korn on Social Trends 2018 with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 19 December 2018, social analyst, Neer Korn once again returned to Arts Wednesday to talk about the major studies he undertook this year. Learn about how we see ourselves, switching off – the dilemma of constant use of our screen devices – and finally corporate giving. Read More

Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 12 December 2018, Sylvia’s guest was Peter Raissis, Curator of European Art at the Art Gallery of NSW. The conversation covers the origins and history of the Hermitage collections, starting with Catherine the Great and two of the Russian artists represented in the exhibition: Vassily Kandinsky and… Read More

Until by Nick Cave with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 5 December 2018, Sylvia’s guest was Beatrice Gralton, Head Curator of Visual Arts at Carriageworks, talking about the astonishing exhibition, Until, by American artist, Nick Cave. Read More

Words That Go Ping: Onomatapoeia with Sylvia Rosenblum

Barbara Lasserre’s latest book is called Words That Go Ping and subtitled The ridiculously wonderful world of onomatopoeia. And a wonderful world it is! Barbara was Sylvia’s guest on Arts Wednesday 18 November 2018. Learn about words that sound like the action described and how those actions… Read More

Interview with Dino Dimitriadis and Di Adamson Arts Tuesday

What a pleasure to have Director Dino Dimitriadis and actress Di Adams come in to chat on Arts Tuesday. ‘All My Sleep and Waking’ is a new play written by Mary Rachel Brown, and in this podcast we get Dino & Di’s insight into this wonderful play. It starts previewing… Read More

Ed Lippmann on Technology and Architecture with Sylvia Rosenblum

During ┬áSeptember/November 2018, Arts Wednesday hosted its second series for the year of Sydney By Design with prominent architect, Ed Lippmann. This 6-part series looks at how technology has changed building, buildings and architecture from our days in caves through to the 21st century. Part 1: Ed introduces the series… Read More

Creepy Crawlies with Sylvia Rosenblum

Entomologist Bryce Peters may well be the only person on earth who likes cockroaches. Find out why in this conversation. As summer is upon us, Sylvia took the opportunity to talk about those creepy crawlies we hate the most. Read More