The Story of Medical Specialisation

We live in an age where our experts know more and more about less and less. This is particularly true of medicine. Specialisation started back in ancient Egypt and new specialties are still developing. On Arts Wednesday 4 July 2018, Sylvia’s guest was Dr Ian Kern, retired paediatric surgeon who… Read More

John Rooney: Surgeon and Musician

On Arts Wednesday 27 June 2018, John Rooney was Sylvia’s guest. John is Head of Orthopaedic Surgery at St Vincent’s Hospital and is also a successful musician – singer, songwriter and guitarist. The interview features songs from his latest album, Still Here and, inter alia, the subject of marrying surgery… Read More

Alienation, Atonalism and Appeasement with Andy Bromberger

Music historian, Andy Bromberger, deconstructed 20th century classical music over 6 episodes on Arts Wednesday. Episode 1:The world of music from 1900 to World War 1, a period of unprecedented optimism and experimentation across the arts, including, of course, music. Episode 2: All the optimism comes crashing with the outbreak… Read More

Magna Carta 15 June 1215

It is 803 years this week since Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede and it continues to be regarded as a cornerstone of democracy. But is it really? What is it, who wrote it, why and what does it really say? Sylvia recorded this interview with historian and lawyer, Geoff… Read More

Peat Island: Dreaming and Desecration

On Arts Wednesday ??? 2018, Sylvia’s guest was Adrian Mitchell, talking about his latest book. The story of what happened on Peat Island is a truly shocking one. However, it is also the story of government attitudes to mental health: neglect and underfunding. And, in Adrian’s opinion, there is no… Read More

Archibald Prize 2018 with Anne Ryan

On Arts Wednesday 30 May 2018, Anne Ryan, curator of the exhibition of Archibald Prize winners at the Art Gallery of NSW, was Sylvia’s guest . What’s new this year and what’s different?  … Read More

Indochine: A Magical World by Samantha Everton

Acclaimed photographer, Samantha Everton, has created a magical world of oriental women. They wear gorgeous gowns, intricate head pieces and simply astounding collars. Add some exotic animals and exquisite backdrops and there you have it: Indochine, a photographic exhibition currently on at Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay. Read More

Girls at the Piano

Published just a few weeks ago, Girls at the Piano, is , in part, a memoir of a young girl’s infatuation with the piano which over the years into her adolescence becomes a burden rather than a source of pleasure. It is also the story of her grandmother, a singer… Read More

Candy Royalle, a passionate poet!

Candy Royalle is a poet, performer, musician, essayist, teacher and political activist – a very passionate artist. In this conversation, we talk about her, about the nature of poetry and it’s all interspersed with her own performance, live in the studio and her songs. Read More


What really happened at Gallipoli? Professor Sean Brawley was Sylvia’s guest on Arts Wednesday, back in 2015 to mark the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign and the interview was repeated on ANZAC Day 25 April 2018. Read More

Defamation and You

On Arts Wednesday 18 April 2018, Sylvia’s guest was Dr Derek Wilding from the Centre For Media Transition at UTS. Did you know that every time you text, email or post on social media, you are a publisher and can be sued for defamation? Our media are changing, but apparently… Read More