Architectural Ethics in an Age of Excess – Arts Thursday 20 September

This Arts Thursday segment on the Sydney Architecture Festival covers Ethics in an Age of Excess, a panel discussion querying if architecture has lost its social purpose, and its focus on the public good during the current building boom and the construction of bigger and ‘better’ building. Maisy Stapleton interviews… Read More

In Exile From St Petersburg with Sylvia Rosenblum

Abram Saulevitch Kagan’s life followed the vagaries of the momentous events of history in the first half of the 20th century. Exiled from his beloved St Petersburg, he goes to Berlin, Brussels and finally New York and in each place rebuilds the publishing house he had established in St Petersburg. Read More

Claire Edwardes- more than a musical virtuoso

Claire Edwardes is an internationally renowned Australian musician and artistic director, usually described as a percussionist though this does not do justice to the range of instrumentation with which she performs. Though classically changed she is reluctant to use the term “classical” adjective to describe her music. Its… Read More

Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains with Sylvia Rosenblum

During the course of July/August 2018, Dr Anna Kamaralli was Sylvia’s guest, presenting a 6-part series: Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains. Part 1: In this episode Anna talks about heroes: what makes a hero and who are Shakespeare’s great heroes? Our main example is Henry V. Part 2: Here, Anna introduces… Read More

The Harmonica with Andrew Banks

Harmonica, mouth organ, harp – whatever you call it, it’s an instrument that crosses many genres and despite its small size, is very complex. Andrew Banks, player and teacher, was Sylvia’s guest on Arts Wednesday 8 August 2018. Listen to their conversation (with music) here. Read More

A Tribute to Ross Edwards with Sylvia Rosenblum

Nicholas Routley was Sylvia’s guest on Arts Wednesday, talking about the life and music of Australian living treasure, composer Ross Edwards. Nicholas is a musicologist, academic and founding choirmaster of the Sydney Chamber Choir, as well as being a dear personal friend to Edwards. The Following music is played during… Read More

The Ship That Never Was

The myth of the Australian larrikin begins with James Porter: convict, serial offender and escapologist. Adam Courtenay tells the tale in his latest book The Ship That Never Was. Adam was Sylvia’s guest on Arts Wednesday 25 July 2018 and recorded this conversation. Read More