Kaina Morais – Bondi Sea Wall

Kaina Morais – Bondi Sea Wall

By: Paul Neeson

Podcast: Arts

Originally from Brazil, Kaina Morais has created a beautiful mural on the Bondi Sea Wall called The Gatekeeper. It features two jaguars, one black and one yellow (her spirit anima)l, in front of a portal or mandala. It is a very spiritual work with lots of symbolism representing yin and yang, male and female and the centre of our own soul. She is inspired by nature and the jungles of her homeland always incorporating leaves of the monstera plant in her public works.

Her earlier work from 2019 on the Sea Wall mirrors the sunflowers in this mural which she sees as a symbol of spring and happiness. She has forged a career as a muralist in Australia working in what she calls visionary art. Kaina lives and works on the Gold Coast now and you can see more of her art on her Native Soul Art website.

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