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by Sankein Rai
posted 08/12/2022

Work Experience at Eastside Radio

My name is Sankein Rai, and I will be undergoing my Year 10 work experience at Eastside Radio. Music has always been one of my main interests, as I have been playing and listening to music for a long time. I applied to Eastside Radio mainly because of its focus on jazz music and my interest in understanding how a radio station operates. What I like about radio is how conversation-like it is towards the listeners. Unlike news reporters, the broadcasters are much more casual when discussing topics.

Eastside Radio is a well-known jazz station, and jazz is a genre I am not familiar with. The music I usually listen to depends on what media I consume. Currently, Jpop takes up half my listening time, while the other half consists of different genres, like indie, rock and rap. I enjoy hearing the radio playing in the office as it exposes genres of music that most radio stations don’t play. 

From this experience, I hope to pick up a new genre to listen to and get a broader knowledge of broadcasting media. I am grateful for the opportunity Eastside Radio has provided me, and I look forward to learning from here for the week.