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by Kathryn Yang
posted 08/12/2022

Review: Jacob Collier Triumphing All Conductors

Jacob Collier at Enmore Theatre for Djesse tour – Thursday 8th December 2022

review by Kathryn Yang

Going into Djessi, I wasn’t thrilled. He was an hour late because of an unforeseen medical emergy? With audiences left wondering about his situation, agitated and yelling his name to come out on stage, it was a particularly rowdy and vulgar scene. But at precisly 9:07 PM, the one and only Jacob Collier ran out, sporting rainbow pants matching the vivid pictureesque stage. The wait was worth it.

After the R&B and funky colourful explosions rooting from the Djesse galaxy, he started to display his magnificent musical talent by conducting the AUDIENCE. It was surreal, the near 2000 of us all harmonising a pretty convincing resounding D Major call. My teachers at school couldn’t even contain a classroom of 30, and this genius managed to control an entire hall.

Along with his bandmates Alita Moses (vocals) Emily Elbert (guitar and vocals) Bryn Bliska (keyboard) Robin Mullarkey (bass guitar and bass vocalist) and Christian Euman (percussionist), they provided a visual & audio spectacle everyone should get the chance to experience once in their life.

The fluorescent Djesse logo in the background along with glowing light sticks that followed and flashed to the beat of the song whether it was energetic audience singalong With The Love In My Heart or the legendary Can’t Help But Falling But Falling In Love by Elvis Presley harmonised by 2000 people, the stage is never boring.

Jacob Collier conducting the audience


Towards the end of the show, Collier then had the pleasure of arranging and unveiling to us all an on-the-spot rendition of John Mayer’s Gravity, which was in my opinion, one of the best and most heartfelt songs to end the night with.


Jacob Collier somehow manages to utilise the Audience as a part of this show, making it feel like our show, utilising the audience to sound like a symphony. It was an exhilarating experience, and be sure to catch him as soon as you can on this world tour because I assure you, you will not regret it.