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by Sonia de Freitas
posted 16/08/2021

Shout Eastside Shout: Sylvia Rosenblum

Approx. 2 minute read

It was a dark winter’s evening back in 2017, when I, along with a few other newbie volunteers, braved the cold to visit the creative space under Paddington Town Hall to train up on the ways of Eastside Radio. The first Sensei ready to impart their knowledge and wisdom was Sylvia Rosenblum. She took all of us into tiny Studio B, we all crowded around her, poking our heads over each others’ shoulders to get a good look while she gave us the 101 on working the desk and presenting like a pro. Every time ready my mic 20 seconds before I fade out a song, I think of Sylvia.

Arts Wednesday host Sylvia Rosenblum

Sonia de Freitas: Hi Sylvia, How are you and where does our interview find you today?

Sylvia Rosenblum: Hi Sonia, It’s lockdown, so I’m at my dining table in front of my laptop.

SdF: How did you land your first media gig? Can you tell me about your journey?

SR: I was a curator and in 1996, Christopher Johnson invited me onto his arts program on Eastside, which, in those days was called Preview, to talk about an exhibition I had curated. I actually can’t remember which one! That led to a regular gig on his show reviewing exhibitions and that led to being invited to present my own arts show. The first one went to air 4 July 2000, just 21 years ago!

SdF: Why do you volunteer at Eastside Radio?

SR: I love the ethos of Community Radio in general and Eastside in particular: community harmony and inclusivity. I am constantly honoured at the huge respect Eastside gives us all in handing us a microphone and the trust that we will live up to the responsibilities this entails. I am totally in love with the wonderful, creative people I meet, who are guests on Arts Wednesday and the broad spectrum of knowledge they bring to the studio.

SdF: Tell me about a place to find creative inspiration

SR: I always come up with my best ideas under the shower!


To learn more about Sylvia Rosenblum and Arts Wednesday visit: eastsidefm.org/artswednesday


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