Arts Wednesday

Wednesdays 10.30AM

Presented by Sylvia Rosenblum / Paul & Anthony

Arts Wednesday focuses on creativity and on the creative people who make it all happen, over a number of disciplines. Their ranks provide the guest each week for an in-depth conversation at 11:00 am. Music usually follows a theme, often inspired by the subject matter of this interview.

Sylvia Rosenblum started her professional life teaching, first in secondary school and later at university. Curatorial practice became her second career, working mostly freelance in the small museum sector. Her serendipitous fall into broadcasting in 1997 at Eastside Radio has provided her third and most satisfying occupation. She has presented Arts Wednesday since 2000.

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Paul Neeson has worked in television and radio as a producer working at Showtime and ABC Classic. He has been a musician all his life playing diverse genres including rock, blues, classical and jazz as well as stints as a ballet rehearsal pianist. His passion for the Wednesday Arts program centres on classical performance, theatre, dance and comedy.

His co-host Anthony Frater is an Art Historian, writer and critic. He brings you artist stories, news of current exhibitions and events. Not only can you listen to compelling and at times revealing interviews with some of Australia’s greatest living artists, curators and arts administrators, but also he talks to young, local, emerging artists.

Paul and Anthony together share a love of electronic music, chill and ambient sound worlds that are a perfect foil to their engaging interviews.