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Boiling Point

by Boiling Point
posted 19/12/2017

Too many toys, revolutionary flies and Merry Beetle-Mas; Tuesday Boiling Point 19th of December


It is the season of giving, but are you an over the top gift giver or more specifically an over the top toy giver? This week Alex Sentinella explored the science of toys and play. Today we all want more. Perhaps more is harming us. Research from The University of Toledo indicates less toys promote engagement and creativity. The reason? Children have a chance to develop and strengthen their play skills and their attention. Rather than moving from one toy to another toy, in a kind of toy multi-tasking frenzy. At a time when we all want more, we should step back to remember it is a time of giving, but let’s not be an over the top toy giver.

It’s hot, humid, dry and sunny. This means two things. Sunburn and flies. When the sun comes out, so too do the flies. While we may all be swatting and grabbing the fly spray, these pesky little devils may be the answer to over population. More specifically the Hermetia illucens or black solider fly. Scientists are trying to find alternative methods to sustain our growing population. Large quantities of water and agricultural resources, including land, are needed to support our current foodie lifestyles. The black solider flies may provide the answer and be an alternative source of food for animals, such as pigs and chickens. Do you want to hear more about black solider flies and how they can revolutionise both the agricultural industry and our carbon footprints? Listen to the podcast and hear what this week’s guest Holly Richardson has to say!

Image Brain Gratwicke, 2017 (CC by 2.0)

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Beetle-mas, with only six days until Santa comes knocking and the holidays officially start. The Christmas Beetle should be on full display. These beautiful characters are green and yellow – very much in the festive spirit. Unfortunately, Australia’s Christmas mascot may not be making an appearance due to a changing climate and urban life. The Christmas Beetles numbers are alarmingly low. If you are interested in hearing more about our national beetle mascot, then listen to the podcast and hear what Chantelle has to say.