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Boiling Point

by Boiling Point
posted 19/12/2017

Day Dreaming, Temporary Uteruses and Titan


Day dreaming and make believe were the corner stones to childhood; imperative to our schooling and the development of our creative bones. What if you could not imagine pirates and heroes? Mind blindness or congenital aphantasia is a condition where people struggle to use visual imagery. To find out about congential aphantasia and binocular rivalry listen to the podcast.

Modern medicine is changing the face of fertility issues. A temporary organ transplant or specifically temporary uterus transplant is helping some women have children, who otherwise could not. In an American first, a woman gave birth to a child after receiving a uterus transplant. America is the second country after Sweden for uterus transplants. America and Sweden used different approaches but yielded the same positive result: A healthy mum and baby. Interested in finding out more? Check out the podcast and listen to what Cat said.

This week Chantelle talks all things maps and moons. Scientists gathered data to generate a map of Titan Saturn’s moon. Want to find out how this map helped scientists? Check out the Podcast and hear what Chantelle had to say!