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Program Blogs

by Dan Horesh-Bar
posted 23/11/2022

Dan’s Wild Journey

Hello, I am Dan Horesh-Bar, an intern here at Eastside FM. As my tenure here at Eastside is wrapping up, I would love to tell you a story about one of my adventures here in Sydney.

Last weekend me and a couple friends decided we wanted to go to a national park, to go hiking and swimming, see some sights. The national park we chose was Royal National Park. The issue for us was that here in Sydney, we do not have any cars. Luckily, I figured out a way for us all to get to the national park, but it was a lot of different stops and was quite complicated. It involved two trains and a ferry, and that was only for the way there. Once we arrived at the park, the same issue of not having a car rose up again. We were in the town of Bundeena, trying to get all the way to the Wattamolla to the falls. We ended up deciding we were going to walk the whole way, which was a daunting 12 kilometers, but it was well worth it. The way there was almost fully on cliffs sitting right on the ocean, and it was quite beautiful.

This hike was not all sunshine and rainbows though, as we under packed and did not have enough food or water, but we knew that the final destination was worth it, so we kept going. We walked through cliffs, beaches, and some beautiful rock structures and saw many different animals like birds and lizard. Overall, it was a long hike, but it was a fun hike, and the breeze of the ocean helped a great deal.

After hours of hiking, we finally got to our destination, the Wattamolla falls. The long hike was worth the destination, as the water was nice and cold, and we also cliff jumped! The cliff jump was pretty scary though, I won’t lie, it took me a minute to give myself the confidence to do it but I am glad I did. The cool thing about this location to me was you had the freshwater falls on one side, but on the other you had a beach where you could snorkel as well.

Overall, I had a great time at this national park. One of my favorite parts of Sydney is how close it is to so much cool nature. The cool thing about interning for Eastside FM is that they give us time to do activities like this, while being an intern. Not only that, they were actually the ones that recommended it to me!

My time in Sydney was great, and I owe some of that to the great time I had at Eastside FM. If you are looking to intern somewhere, this would be a great choice.