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by Kathryn Yang
posted 28/11/2022

Kathryn’s “work experience” experience @ Eastside FM

Hi, my name is Kathryn, and I am a year 10 student from Caringbah High school. I’ll be here at Eastside Radio for 2 weeks to complete my work experience. 


Since I was introduced to music at an early age (I started playing piano when I was 3, and throughout my life I learn to play clarinet, recorder, and drums) my interest in it grew with me over the years. Radio was one of the first outlets that exposed me to modern music, and this is why I am thrilled to start my two weeks of work experience here, especially at a place that’s so connected to its community. 

I’m also passionate about Drama, and whilst radio and performing are two different things, they both require your voice to communicate your actions and feelings. Being a naturally loud person, this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn about an environment where being vociferous is favoured.   

As an explorer on the genre safari, I’m never dedicated to listening to just one type of music. My taste bounces back and forth a lot, however one genre that I will always gravitate towards is rock music. The sheer passion and feeling in the lyrics of these songs masked behind an epic guitar solo and raw vocals just make it so enticing for me to hear. 

(Call me basic but Queen’s my favourite) 

Another reason why I was drawn to Eastside is because of the music it plays – jazz. I’ve been interested in learning about jazz for a while now, but never really got the chance to. Eastside is the home of jazz and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in jazz culture while broadening my knowledge in telecommunications and media (which is something I’m considering studying in university). I look forward to spending 2 weeks here!