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by Tony Edwards
posted 27/07/2017

‘Curao’ from Quantic & Nidia Gongora – Eastside Radio Album Of The Week (27 Jul – 2 Aug)



‘Curao’ from Quantic & Nidia Gongora is Eastside Radio’s Album Of The Week.

The album is a collaboration between Quantic (prolific producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Holland) and Colombian vocalist Nidia Gongora, who is considered one of the foremost artists of marimba music in the South Pacific region. A fusion of modern and traditional ideas, ‘Curao’ combines “danceable, forward thinking production” with “traditional pieces from the region’s rich songbook.”

A selection from the album:


Nidia Gongora is known as the front woman for Grupo Canalon. The two met while Quantic was living in Colombia, where he overheard his neighbour playing a Grupo Canalon album, and subsequently tracked down Gongora.

A Grupo Canalon selection:


This record, ‘Curao’, is Quantic’s 21st studio album no less. Since 2001, he has recorded under a formidable collection of guises: Quantic, The Limp Twins, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Flowering Inferno, The Combo Barbaro, Lost Mimics Del Ritmo, Ondatropica, Quantic presents The Western Transient, and Quantic & Nidia Gongora.

‘Curao’ is available on the Tru Thoughts label, here at the album’s website and through the usual online digital retailers and streaming services.

We think it’s a very fine album, and are happy to bring it to you all this week on Eastside Radio.

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