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by Dana Hazell
posted 03/06/2019

Work Experience at Eastside Radio

My name is Dana Hazell and for my year 10 work experience I was lucky enough to be accepted into Eastside Radio. I get to spend five days here living as though I, myself, am one of the many wonderful interns, volunteers or workers that help keep this station running.

Radio has always fascinated me, it’s a media form that brings me deep comfort. From music that can spark emotions, to hosts talking as though they are your friend, it’s a media form that can provide an escape from the hectic day-to-day. It helps break uncomfortable silences and allows for listeners to experience different music, broadening their preferences.

When I was younger, radio shows that strictly played the top 50 were all I ever listened to, meaning my music tastes were very limited and, looking back, quite lacking in personality. Nowadays, however, I have gained a more eclectic taste, as I realised that the language of music was universal and emotions can be expressed through notes better than words, on most occasions.

My friends are a large influence on this shift. Many of them are amazingly talented young musicians in their own right, and with their own tastes. Sharing song recommendations or even just listening and watching them play has both given me a greater recognition for different genres, and also musicians and the effort put into song-making.

Eastside, although mainly jazz focused, has a variety of genres played throughout their segments. It is a radio station I really wished I listened to when I was younger because maybe then all my iTunes songs wouldn’t have been just copied and pasted from the top 100.

Today I’ll listen to anything at least once, because you never know how you’ll feel about something unless you experience it. My Spotify playlist is filled with a collection of songs from all genres and languages. What I listen to goes through phases that are purely based on my mood, as of right now, my heavy rotations would be: “Peach” by Kevin Abstract; “Claudia” by Finneas; and “Elastic” by Joey Purp – as illustrated within this post.

Being able to work in an environment filled with people who, quite simply, just love music is such a phenomenal opportunity. The people who work here, whether on air or behind the scenes, do it because it’s what they want to do – not because they are obligated to do so, and that is something very admirable. You are always told that you aren’t meant to love your work, you are just meant to do it, but being here has shown me otherwise.

I know I’m going to learn so much being at Eastside Radio – whether it be life lessons or something that aids me in my future. What I want to do with my life is still a mystery – to even myself, but I know I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else for the next five days.


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