Time and Space

Thursdays 12PM

Presented by Mick Paddon

Jazz is an international music to which we give an Australian flavour.  It’s a music that honours its heritage in the standards which every musician learns to play but which invents new standards.  As new musicians take the stage, the face of the music is changing with more young women making  their careers as instrumentalists.  Over two hours, every week ,Time and Space explores all of these dimensions of this wonderful music.  We will hear from Australian musicians who have made their homes, for short periods or permanently, in New York, London, Berlin, across the globe. We will showcase international musicians who are visiting Australia.  We will listen to new takes on old standards and find out what music is providing us with the new standards.  And we will hear profiles of young Australian women jazz instrumentalists in their own words and music in the continuation of the occasional series “Changing the Face of Jazz”.

Time and Space is hosted by Mick Paddon who has been a presenter on Eastside since the year 2000.  Since then, at different times. he has presented Eastside’s evening Drive shows on every night of the week, You will also have heard him filling in on Jammin’, Jazz Made in Australia and on many other jazz shows in Eastside’s programming.  Since the start of 2017 he had been producing “Changing the Face of Jazz”, a series of programmes and podcasts about Australian women jazz instrumentalists which have aired on Eastside and the Community Radio Network. For many years he was involved in running the Sydney Improvised Music Association, SIMA, and was a contributor to and reviewer for Australianjazz.net. When he has time, he works on improving his own saxophone technique, which he readily admits is in need of a lot of work.