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by stapletonm
posted 10/02/2016

The Arts Spectrum

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Arts Thursday 11th February with Maisy Stapleton traverses theatre design, festivals and spectacular visual arts.

Stephen Curtis is one of our most respected designers for theatre and film and in the first of a two-part interview he’ll be discussing the ideas behind his Platform Paper The Designer: Decorator or Dramaturg?

Platform Papers are published by Currency House every quarter and explore ideas and issues in music, theatre, dance, arts and entertainment, film, television, cultural policy, advocacy. copyright and defamation, arts training and innovation, the creative economy, race relations, young people’s theatre, digital arts. They interrogate all aspects of the arts and are a marvelous contribution to arts thinking in this country.

Stephen Curtis’ paper is wide-ranging and it reveals the broad role of the designer; provides a brief history of theatre design in this country and demonstrates the pivotal role of a designer in conceptualizing a performance and giving both reality and meaning to the intentions of director, performers.

This week, in conversation with Maisy Stapleton, he will be discussing the need for a better understanding of the role of the performance designer.

For further information go to www.currencyhouse.org.au

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The Spectrum Now Festival is in its second year and was spectacularly launched on Thursday 4 February at the home of Opera Australia.

With a vibrant and sometimes exotic line-up of events, talks, art, music and performance, each art form has its own celebrated ambassador – think Del Kathryn Barton for visual arts.

The Spectrum Now Festival is mooted to be 16 days of arts experiences, where you can ‘Experience now. Remember forever’!

Festival Director Caroline Kemp joins the program around 11 to talk about the Festival, its background and what you can expect.

For further information go to http://spectrumnow.com.au/

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The last guest on the program will be Alesandro Ljubicic, whose luscious impasto portraits of flowers are now on view at the Michael Reid Gallery in Elizabeth Bay until 27th February. With the acclaim given to contemporary flower paintings by Laura Jones and others, and Alessandro’s bold floral renditions, does this indicate a resurgence in popularity of flower pieces?

Find out on Arts Thursday from 10:30 till noon 11th February.

For further information go to http://www.alesandroljubicic.com/ and http://michaelreid.com.au/


If you miss the program you can listen again by going to http://eastsidefm.org/arts/artsthursday/ and clicking on the date 11 February 2016.

Tune into Arts Thursday with Maisy Stapleton every fortnight from 10:30 to noon.

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