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by Lauren O'Machel
posted 14/03/2018

Sustainable Seafood Is The Best Seafood

Living right next to a huge body of water can leave incredible opportunity, but it can also mean having a huge responsibility. The responsibility in keeping the land around these bodies of water clean, so life beyond land can stay happy, so Earth can remain healthy.

That’s where the Marine Stewardship Council comes into play. While you’re looking for that perfect piece of salmon or the fish to go with your chips, think about how they get from the great, blue body of water to your plate.

The MSC has launched their first Sustainable Seafood Week and they want you to be a part of it. All across the world, there is a small, blue label that shows the seafood you are about to buy is certified and is sustainable.

Meredith Epp, Communications and Marketing Manager for the Marine Stewardship Council for the Oceanias, explains that fisheries need to be set at a certain standard in order to receive that little, blue tick that can mean so much. But what do those standards require?

“The standard looks at three core principles,” Epp explains. “It looks at the health of the stock, the marine impact, and management of the fishery.”

But getting sustainable seafood goes beyond just what is at the market. It’s how it ultimately effects the fishery, the environment, and overall quality of care.

“You know that when it’s MSC [the seafood], it’s handled with care,” Epp says, “Those¬† fisheries they put out all their data, all the information they have is fully transparent. They have nothing to hide.”

Epp also emphasizes that oceans are more important than ever and the time to start taking care of them is now.

“If we don’t have healthy, thriving oceans, we’re going to be in trouble. We need to look after our fish stock. It’s also something that delicious and it can be fun and enjoyable as well.”

Photo Credit: Alice Bushell/ MSC

Here in Sydney, you can participate in Sustainable Seafood Week just by popping over to Martin Place and picking up a delicious meal from this red food truck with the help from Agape Organic Food Truck. They will be back Thursday the 15th of March at 11 a.m. Feel free to enjoy some delicious food and learn about the sustainable seafood they have to offer. Take a picture using the hashtag “Forever Wild”.

You can also follow MSC’s journey through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Fish are friends, so let’s treat them that way.

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