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by Miles Pike
posted 15/12/2022

Support Ooooby Sydney, Our Friends In Need

Ooooby Sydney: Your Ethical Choice

Who Is Ooooby?

Ooooby Sydney is an ethical Sydney-based provider of fresh, locally-grown produce straight to you from suppliers right next door. Beginning in 2013 out of a backyard in Newtown, Ooooby now provides local produce for over 7,000 Sydney residents. Ooooby aims to work toward tackling the social and ecological issues in the current produce market by supporting local jobs and eliminating unnecessary food mileage.

What’s The Issue?

Following one of the most challenging quarters in the history of Ooooby’s operation, thanks in part to pandemic pressures, weather hazards, and the rise of costs, The organisation needs urgent help to stay afloat.

After significant financial losses at the beginning of 2022 and no sign of steady recovery, sales need to increase immediately otherwise the end will come sooner than anticipated.

How Can You Help?

All reviews are just as helpful as those that came before, no matter if you’re a customer, grower, supplier, or crew member. Your feedback no matter how big or small can go a long way in helping. You can send in reviews on either the google or facebook page for Ooooby.

Ooooby is an organisation created to provide locally grown produce to all different customers. One of the best ways to help them out is of course through their products. Their fresh, locally grown produce is environmentally friendly and supports local suppliers. Not only does this help Ooooby themselves, but helps the community around them.

As long as we’re able to share Ooooby with others and increase the sales they make we are able to support them and help Ooooby thrive as the ethical organisation they’re working to be.

For more information on how you can support Ooooby and where to buy some of their local fresh produce, you can visit https://www.ooooby.org/sydney