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by stapletonm
posted 04/09/2019

PUSHING BOUNDARIES Thursday 5 September 2019.

Arts Thursday 5 September 2019.

Join Maisy Stapleton in conversation with two guests.

Firstly, Lisa Catt, Curator, Art Gallery of NSW speaks about Here We Are, an exhibition focussing on contemporary women artists whose work has mostly been acquired since 2015.

While this is by no means the first exhibition solely devoted to women artists, there has been a long-term gender imbalance in both exhibitions and collecting at major institutions.

The Art Gallery of NSW is addressing this through revised collection policies and new exhibitions that balance the representation of male and female artists.


Here we are is an all-women show, which focusses on works dealing with self-reflection, personal experiences and perceptions of womanhood, seen through the work of over 20 artists.  Themes of loss, views of society and female roles and portraits embracing self-image – without holding back on flaws, reality or aging bodies – reflect the vision of women today and lead to some surprising works.



In the second segment of Arts Thursday, Kim Carpenter reflects on some of his life achievements.

After 30 years of extraordinary performances and amazing theatre, Kim is celebrating the closing of Theatre of Image.

Theatre of Image has presented an all-encompassing visual experience – drawing on every conceivable form of theatre and visual imagery. Renowned for theatre for children, Kim and his team have experimented with puppetry, digital effects, physical theatre, music and sheer visual delight.

To commemorate the success of these memorable years, Kim has compiled an anniversary publication 30 YEARS. Theatre of Image will be farewelled in a special event at NIDA. The book summarises the body of work by Theatre of Image and recalls to mind the many shows produced.

While Kim plans to spends more time painting, drawing and making art works, the legacy of Theatre of Image will survive in the memories of all who have seen its shows and the commemorative 30 YEARS publication.

Join Kim in conversation in the second segment of Arts Thursday as we talk to him about his creative vision, the successes of Theatre of Image and his future plans.

For further information:

Here we are : https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/exhibitions/here-we-are/

Theatre of Image: http://theatreofimage.com.au/about/


If you miss the program you can listen again by going to http://eastsidefm.org/arts/artsthursday/ and clicking on the date 4 September 2019.

And watch out for podcasts at later dates.

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