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by Paula Towers
posted 04/09/2019

Barbarella Backs Community Causes

Like its namesake, Barbarella Productions brings a fierce ‘Warrior Woman’ attitude in its firm focus on connecting businesses with their ideal customers. “Barbarella Productions supports creatives and entrepreneurs, community groups and organisations in being bolder with their brands,” Barbarella Productions business owner Arielle Nakache explains. “With unrelenting persistence and a generous dose of chutzpah.”

In referencing heroine Jane Fonda in the iconic Barbarella film, Arielle explains: “She’s just trying to save the planet, help and share the love – which is really what I’m about! … She’s sassy, bold, very courageous and very provocative.”

Following this theme, client reach is enhanced through a variety of Barbarella Productions’ services including brand identity and elevator pitch refinement, networking and event support, website reboots, personal styling, photography and video production, PR and storytelling as well as bringing people together through strategic partnerships.

An example is the upcoming Garage Sale Trail (GST) – being held throughout Australia on October 19-20. There’s been a huge surge in its popularity – especially locally, within Sydney city and the eastern suburbs. It actually started in Bondi Beach in 2010 as a community event aiming for 30 garage sales but ended up with 130 in that first year.

With increasing support – including over 146 councils across the country, last year it had grown to over 15,000 garage sales held nationwide, resulting in more than 350,000 Australians browsing over two million second-hand items. It also became popular internationally – leading to the creation of the Garage Sale Trail UK.

Now Barbarella Productions is partnering with it, after Arielle met with another Bondi Beach Public School mum who is the campaign manager. As Arielle related: “I’ve got the most amazing tangerine orange dress that I call my ‘Elaine Dress’ from The Graduate, very ’50s, that I found at my first Garage Sale Trail, hanging on a tree.” This now is one of the great GST stories.

Following a Barbarella Love Party that Arielle is hosting on Friday October 18, the Barbarella Productions Garage Sale is being held, with all proceeds going to One Wave Is All It Takes’ Fluro Friday – of which Arielle is already an advocate.

She’s also a surfer and close to the One Wave tribe. A social purpose movement, One Wave’s Fluro Friday weekly sunrise sessions held at Bondi and other beaches around the world aim to raise awareness of mental health – attendees are encouraged to don bright colours to ‘make the invisible visible’.

“Basically I’m managing to combine all my passions,” Arielle explained. “Mental health advocacy, sustainability, and Barbarella Inc to spread the word …Through this collaboration, we can shed light on these causes.”

For over 30 years, Arielle has been working in different environments and businesses, building up her skills, and aims to bring all of her strengths to assist the community.

She also advocates for creatives, and at the end of October is organising an event for a number of artists to build their brands or profiles: “I support my clients with ‘big, hairy audacious goals’ [BHAG].”

Business labs at Bondi for Women Warriors is another favoured project. Held once a week, Arielle helps them discover and achieve their BHAGs. “I also support my men and women clients in refining their core purpose, their ‘Why’, so that they can connect to more of their ideal customers and build engagement around their brands.”

Arielle is also a strong supporter of Eastside FM – in fact she once did a stint at the station as a volunteer: “I love Eastside for what it brings to the community, the diversity,” she says.

“I just love world music, I love jazz and I love culture… and I’m big, big, big into community. I love that I can be driving in the car with my boys – who were born in India – and I can say. ‘Here’s some Punjabi music with some Bollywood’!” she enthuses.

“And I love that I can do that in the eastern suburbs and I don’t have to go far out of my ’hood… by just flicking on 89.7, I can dip into different communities and cultures; People say we’re in a bubble in Bondi but I feel that Eastside opens up my world.”

For more info or to connect with Arielle and see what she’s up to, find her on: www.facebook.com/Barbarellabondi/  #barbarellabondi or #barbarellaproductions