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Seahorses – The little ambassadors of ocean health

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Seahorses are everybody’s favorite. But despite our wide-spread devotion to seahorses in pop culture, what do we actually know about them? How did they get their unique shape, what’s their role in the ecosystem and how do the males manage to raise their young as single parents? Our guest, Dr David Harasti, is a seahorse expert and provides some answers.

David being busy researching his favorite ocean creature, the seahorse.

David is a marine scientist at the department of primary industries, based in Newcastle. He has worked on marine threatened species for more than 20 years. But one group of ocean creatures has stayed with him throughout his career. David’s passion are seahorses. Everyone loves seahorses, but funny enough there is still little known about them.

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David’s DPI profile: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/research-development/staff/staff-profiles/david-harasti

Fisheries website for the White’s seahorse:




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