Ribbeting Frog Special

Ribbeting Frog Special

By: Boiling Point

Podcast: Boiling Point
Red Tree Frog (Litoria rubella) Credit: Jodi Rowley

When cities grow bigger, nature suffers – including very fragile animals such as frogs. It is estimated that almost one third of all frog species are listed as threatened or extinct and these are only the species that we know off! But why are frogs so susceptible to human impacted changes in the environment? How do frogs change to human imposed interference? Tune into this episode of a ribbeting frog special to find out!

This week Anastasia and Cat chat to herpetologist Brittany Mitchell. Britt is a frog conservationist doing her PhD at UNSW. Britt studies how human activity and climate effects frog behaviour, ecology, and immunology. She is also one great frog call mimic!

Britt on one of her FrogID field nights Credit: Brittany Mitchell

You can find Brittany on Twitter

You can also participate in FrogID week and contribute valuable data to science! Find out more information here

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