Fleur’s journey or how everything in nature is connected

Fleur’s journey or how everything in nature is connected
Podcast: Boiling Point

How do you get a career in wildlife research? Is it magic? Most likely it’s rather strong determination, passion for the subject and a touch of idealism to make this world a better place. My guest is an early career researcher in veterinary science and toxicology. Her passion for wildlife research took her to some amazing places around the globe.

PhD candidate Anne-Fleur Brand

My guest today is Anne Fleur Brand. She is a Veterinarian and toxicologist and was born and raised in the Netherlands. Fleur recently started her PhD on chemical pollutants in migratory birds at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology in Trondheim. Before her current research gig in the far north of Europe she did her Masters project on turtles in remote parts of the Great Barrier Reef, she assisted in research on Tapirs in Brazil and even squeezed in two years of teaching biology at an elite boarding school in the UK. I found her career path so intriguing that I invited her on the show to tell us more about her adventures and her motifs behind them.

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