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Australiana Pseudo-science; Water Dowsers, Snake Deterrants and Hail Cannons

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Water diviners or dowsers; can some people sense water in the each by turning into electromagnetic fields? A study conducted in 1980, with a $40,000 reward for success, wasn’t able to prove any dowsers could locate water buried in a specially designed trial. But maybe there is more to it?


Is it really possible to blast away hail with a cannon? Used since the 1880’s and researched in the early 1900’s “hail cannons” or Stiger Cannons still appear over farms and in car yards around the world. But there is no evidence that these sonic or gun powder blasts actually work. Check out the clip below for a listen.

Electricity, pheromones, magnets and colours What might actually work to deter sharks? Surprisingly there is some evidence that pardaxin (secreted by the Red Sea Moses Sole Fish) does work- if applied directly into the mouth! Fancy getting that close



More about hail cannons cdn.knmi.nl/system/data_center_publications/files/000/045/687/original/hailcannons2_preprint.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3tYmhe2I2761_pwUfKgyPGpxAOtOT2rXji8OXlTbBTIcesJDMFEatKOGo

Shark deterrents: https://www.choice.com.au/health-and-body/diet-and-fitness/surfing-and-snowboarding/articles/shark-repellents-review?fbclid=IwAR3K8HrcwMQVJNqzjLBLfFGTsI03u116tGTNv0F8IfeYFkWDV_BEXN3wgOE



Water divining

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