by rosenblums
posted 15/06/2018

Alienation, Atonalism and Appeasement with Andy Bromberger

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Music historian, Andy Bromberger, deconstructed 20th century classical music over 6 episodes on Arts Wednesday.

Episode 1:The world of music from 1900 to World War 1, a period of unprecedented optimism and experimentation across the arts, including, of course, music.

Episode 2: All the optimism comes crashing with the outbreak of World War I and the music of the period following up until World War II

Episode 3: Between the wars and after, we see the rise of political movements – the Russian Revolution, Fascism in Germany and McCarthyism in the USA. All had their impact on musicians and music.

Episode 4: If the muse went silent during World War I, the opposite was true during World War II. So much was written during the war years and subsequently, as a result of the war.

Episode 5: In this episode, Andy talks about music after the war, a sobering time of reflection, given the horrendous loss of life the world had witnessed.

Episode 6: In this concluding episode, Andy brings us up to date with music since the 1970s.

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