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Natasha Art on the Bondi Sea Wall + Alone It Stands @ The Ensemble. Arts Wednesday

By: undefined undefinedJanuary 30, 2024
Natalia Chabadova (aka Natasha Art)

Natalia Chabadova loves travel and art. The two inform a lifestyle that has brought her to Bondi from Slovakia. Her mural entitled Whales Constellation portrays 3 different species of whale floating in an underwater dream world, expressing freedom and liberation.

She travels the world working as an artist, teacher and sound healer. Since arriving in Australia she has drawn inspiration from our indigenous artists, and transforms them into ideas her own. She works under the name Natasha Art. Check out her website for more spiritually inspired art.

Director, Janine Watson joins us to preview a play called Alone It Stands about an iconic rugby match in Ireland in 1978. Amateur team Munster took on the mighty All Blacks and defeated them. In the play at the Ensemble Theatre, 6 actors play 62 roles including players, wives, fans, the coach and…the team dog.

A David and Goliath story that has resonated through the decades to become part of Irish folk law. The crew includes a dialect coach, an intimacy coordinator and a fight coach. How does that all fit together?

Season runs 25 Jan – 02 Mar at the Ensemble Theatre.

Arts Wednesday 31 January 2024.



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