by rosenblums
posted 10/05/2017

Music’s Mechanical Make-Up

During the course of April/May 2017, Sylvia presented a 7-part series with music historian, Andy Bromberger on Music’s Mechanical Make-Up. You can listen to the conversations below and after each, there is a list of music Andy has suggested you could listen to in order to get a greater depth of understanding.

That was Part 1, the Introduction to the series. Here is Part 2 about Melody:

Here are Andy’s recommendations for music to illustrate the episode on melody:

Bobby McFerrin explaining Pentatonic scales http://youtu.be/0gjreHt0tRI
Modal melodies ‘O come O come Emanuel” http://youtu.be/ZLBZsKUjZp0
Major and minor music; https://youtu.be/ku7ohU1IGls
20th century use of modes- Ralph Vaughn Williams –‘Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis’ http://youtu.be/5y7nJL1hpUU

This is Part 3 about Rhythm:

Here are Andy’s listening recommendations for rhythm:

Japanese drumming http://youtu.be/YNmXNc95ncU
Rhythm can be complex or simple http://youtu.be/7eFn8Cgcx8g heart beat
http://youtu.be/2BYT9lL-1Q0 metronome
http://youtu.be/Mv1ZsSrE03o salsa
http://youtu.be/6iyOGRh0WXU funk
http://youtu.be/RfXnuG6X7cw african music

In classical music the beat is often implied rather than obvious as it is in rock music; http://youtu.be/zNbXuFBjncw ‘the swan’ Saint Saens
in contrast to https://youtu.be/-sUXMzkh-jI ACDC
pulse and rhythm the same but a shift in accents changes the feeling of stability; Zadok the Priest Handelhttp://youtu.be/p1W1XJ96y9k
contrasting with Akhanata Philip Glass http://youtu.be/pHXgbJEMJAo
Many of the rhythms we see as modern were actually used by composers in the past; https://youtu.be/RDQM4ZgLHfTudcE
Beethoven Sonata no 32 op 111 last pn sonata vari III sounds very much like a boogie woogie/ragtime feel
Syncopation in Bach’s Invention No 6 http://youtu.be/2iZN3NjFINI

Now you can hear Part 4 on Harmony:

These are Andy’s listening recommendations for harmony:

Beautiful harmony Polenc – O Magnun Misterium https://youtu.be/We2WFonJMEI
Harmony slowing becomes more complex Columba Aspexit – Hildegrad od Bingen http://youtu.be/jdVcKfAZJMU
Sumer is icumenin written in 1250 ish https://youtu.be/sMCA9nYnLWo
Harmony can be all Major or Minor – Jerry Lee Lewis; https://youtu.be/7IjgZGhHrYY
Faure Pavane https://youtu.be/mpgyTl8yqbw
Implied harmony Bach Cello suite no 1 https://youtu.be/mGQLXRTl3Z0
Great clip about more complex harmonies https://youtu.be/RWo-ETIGpLg

Now for Part 5 on The Bass:

And these are Andy’s listening recommendations for the bass:

Haitian fight song – Charles Mingus https://youtu.be/r5j4dou8osU
I don’t want to go to Chelsea – Elvis Costello https://youtu.be/XvRQDsH0Yho
The Elephant – Saint Saens https://youtu.be/jWUt2D0FkdU
7 Nations Army – White Stripes https://youtu.be/0J2QdDbelmY
Jaws – John Williams https://youtu.be/A9QTSyLwd4w

Jeremiah Clarks – Trumpet Voluntary https://youtu.be/7EqfOAC7WIA
128 foot organ pipe – https://youtu.be/CJ723kL4u9w

Pachelbel – Cannon in D https://youtu.be/JvNQLJ1_HQ0
CU when you get there – Coolie https://youtu.be/RD88XHYBUO7v0
Altogether Now – The Farm https://youtu.be/iRgtzZ-mOQo
Go West – Pet Shop Boys https://youtu.be/LNBjMRvOB5M
Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum https://youtu.be/Mb3iPP-tHdA

My Baby Just Cares for Me – Nina Simone – https://youtu.be/SE1VrzT6RrQ

Purcell – Dido and Aenas – When I am laid in Earth https://youtu.be/jOIAi2XwuWo

Following is Part 6, entitled Words and Music:

And these are Andy’s recommendations for words and music:

Richard Strauss – Capriccio – https://youtu.be/KW0jPgiML2Q
http://youtu.be/vo3GYkAgylQ Byrd Kyrie mass
Caccini ( 1587-1641) – Tu ch’hai le penne https://youtu.be/hju7G2YRoDQ
Mozart – Marriage of Figaro – https://youtu.be/x8OHbbmfnW8
Schubert – Erlkonig https://youtu.be/VdhRYMY6IEc
John Adam – Doctor Atomic https://youtu.be/DJ70bZsqaC4

The Conductor is the final part of the series:

And here are Andy’s listening recommendations:

Handel’s Concerto Grosso in B Minor Op. 6 No. 12 https://youtu.be/Q1FX3N4qUEw
Nikisch’s 1913 recording of his conducting ( there is no sound) https://youtu.be/XuFReWTLMm0
Nikisch conducting Beethoven 5th with Berlin Philharmonic https://youtu.be/SFY1s6y6r5M
Toscanini – William Tell Overture https://youtu.be/t132rQ6i_zU
Furtwangler – Don Giovanni Overture https://youtu.be/4s1OFwAlMMw
Richard Strauss – Till Eulenspiegel https://youtu.be/ PLF150FC8561255DE1
Von Karajan – Radetzky March https://youtu.be/FHFf7NIwOHQ
Bernstein – Haydn Symphony 88 https://youtu.be/oU0Ubs2KYUI
Dudamel – Dvorak Symphony no 9 mvt 4 https://youtu.be/vHqtJH2f1Yk


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