by Dominic Staddon
posted 10/05/2017

I Hate Hamlet

Television or theatre? That is the dilemma facing young and successful television star Andrew Rally. After a cancelled TV series, Andrew wins the coveted role of Hamlet in New York. His real estate agent offers to rent him the apartment where the famous John Barrymore once lived and the fun begins. A séance resurrects Barrymore to mentor Andrew and offer him his expertise in playing the role. The acting challenge is enormous, but so is the money offered to star in a new TV series. His very chaste girlfriend and Barrymore, who will not leave, make the decision more complex and comedic.

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Originally a book written by Paul Rudnick, I Hate Hamlet is now being taken to the theatre being directed by Rachel Cliffe, a veteran director at the Guild Theatre. Set in New York City we witness the great Shakespearean actor’s paranormal intervention in Andrew’s (the main character’s) decision. I Hate Hamlet is playing from the 12th of May to the 10th of June and has 19 amusing shows that will leave you in hysterics.

The venue of the play is in the lovely Rockdale theatre, The Guild Theatre. The Guild Theatre have put on such shows as Exit Laughing and The Book Of Everything. I Hate Hamlet is being performed by a very talented cast that includes: Jody Burns, George Gleeson, Greg Kenyon, Jazz Nigjar, David Pointon, Pauline Randall and Eloise Tanti. Whether you have read the book or not, you can’t miss this creative and amusing show.


What: I Hate Hamlet

When: 12th of May – 10th of June

Where: The Guild Theatre, Rockdale

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