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by Cam MacDonald
posted 28/08/2020

ISO MUSIC – Connecting with Music through Conservatorium Open Academy

ISO MUSIC – Connecting with Music through Conservatorium Open Academy

We all hear the stories about iso baking, knitting and gardening but iso music-making is taking off. We asked some of our students, August, Contemporary Vocal Studio and Steve from Soul Ensemble what they get out of Open Academy Music classes during COVID.

Why did you take a class rather than pursuing music by yourself?

S – The class is an ensemble which gives me the opportunity to play with and learn from fellow students as well as learning from a highly qualified and experienced teacher.  We are playing much-loved music that I would otherwise not have access to.

A – I was looking for an alternative to regular singing lessons, as well as finding something contemporary. The group format has been perfect for this. The group experience provides something unique that one-to-one lessons cannot provide. You get to learn through other students and their performances, you come to appreciate and value the common struggles one another goes through in their work as singers, and you have a wonderful opportunity for exposure to a range of genres and interpretations by those present. The input from Jo has been fantastic, showing me what I can work on to tweak and develop my singing. Jo’s approach is efficacious, at whatever stage a singer/performer/artist is at.

How has learning music enriched you during COVID?

S – Kept me sane!  Seriously the COVID isolation has given me time to devote to practice that has hugely enhanced my knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of my music playing.

A – It has definitely demonstrated what is possible in circumstances such as this (online learning). Also, it has helped me stave off times of depression during this time and other triggers. Music is my drug, my life force, and what keeps me going.

What piece of music do you go to when things get you down?

S – Van Morrison “Every Day is Like This” is a bit of a current favourite.

A – Two faves “Go Your Own Way” & “Say You Love Me”, Fleetwood Mac

Anything else to add about your OA experience?

A – This may seem odd … I put off applying for a dream job in another state because of the group [class] I attend, and especially because of Jo Fabro, her teaching and approach is superb.

S – Lovely connection with a random group of people who share my love of music but whom I might otherwise never have encountered.   There is a great sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment.  Also gratitude to Darren Heinrich and The Con.

You can explore your musical potential with Conservatorium Open Academy. Classes start 12 Oct. Jump online at openacademy.sydney.edu.au and find the music in you.

Who: Conservatorium of Music

What: Con Open Academy

When: Classes Start 12 October 

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