Mirror Sydney: An Atlas of Reflections

March 03, 2018

Join me, Jane Raffan, Monday 5 March, for a program that delves into the lesser known Sydney.

My guest interviews today are with Vanessa Berry, author of the book “Mirror Sydney”, a marvellous, entrancing and acutely alert reverie on our city and its ever-changing urban landscape.

Mirror Sydney” is rich in observations and history, and is vividly brought to life through its structure as an Atlas of Reflections, both in terms of the landscape it covers, and Vanessa’s beautifully drawn picture maps that accompany the essays.

Begun as a blog in 2012, “Mirror Sydney” focuses on Sydney’s marginalia, “the overlooked and the odd, the hidden and enigmatic places, an alternative city, a mirror or shadow Sydney”, and Vanessa makes surprising connections between physical landscapes and traces of history, myth and speculation.

More on the book and blog here.

And the music? In keeping with the tenor of the show, the playlist is largely a musical reverie: featuring vignettes and reflections from jazz traditionalists and the avante-garde.

I look forward to your company.

Jane Raffan


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