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Long-Lasting tourist’ Bringing Vibes to the Cultural Scene

By: undefined undefinedJune 05, 2024

Hola, I am Silvana. I’m not a tourist, but I may look like one. This is my story, summarised in six paragraphs.

I’ve been living in Australia for the last 10 years, but I was born on the hot Caribbean Coast of Colombia and grew up in the city with the second-biggest carnival in South America. This magnificent yearly four-day event is orchestrated and celebrated for months. These four days are filled with good music, art, vibrant colours and joy, blending a mix of rich and diverse cultural backgrounds (traditions) and bringing the whole city together. 

Where I come from, music, art, and self-expression are important. Since the carnival is the city’s epicentre, everyone ‘must’ have some artistic talent. I still don’t know what my talent is, but you best believe I was listening to folk music before I was even born, danced before I walked, wore traditional customes when little, tried singing, scripted school plays, did a semester of visual arts and finally ended up completing a bachelor in media, comms & journalism at university. Pursuing this passion for art, self-expression and preserving culture, my interest in cultural events started to flowrish.

Sydney is a culturally diverse city full of stories, and its artistic & cultural scene is thriving. My main role at EastSide Radio will be covering cultural events around Sydney and writing reviews about them.

You must be wondering, how did I end up on the radio? The answer is simple. My journey started back at uni when I realised I was too introverted to be in front of cameras but still wanted to talk, so I gave the radio a go. As for EastSide, one day I was walking around Bondi Pavillon and saw the station, reached out, and here I am. #YOLO. 

My Musical Vibes?

My musical taste is vast. I enjoy listening to everything from Afro-Caribbean Rhythms to Rock. As I’ve been bragging about my humble beginnings on the other side of the world, it’s only fair to share a traditional folk musical rhythm from Colombia with you. Here is Cumbia in the voice of the greatest, Totó la Momposina. Her music represents a mix of cultures (African, indigenous Indian, and Spanish), starting a unique musical tradition.

That’s enough about me for now. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews as much as I will enjoy writing them. Until next time! 

by Silvana Geraldino

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