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Kate Ryan’s Journey into Australia

By: undefined undefinedJune 05, 2024

My name is Katherine Ryan, I am a current intern here at Eastsidefm. I am a US citizen and attend a University there. I am a Journalism Major and a Sales minor, which will help set me up with jobs involved in Radio and podcasting in the future. The reason I decided to go abroad this summer, is to help me learn more about other cultures. This program and opportunity will push me out of my comfort zone allowing me to grow as a human being.

Music has been around for generations and has many different genres. I love the diversity within the music field. Human emotion is shown within music, allowing humans to develop different perspectives. These perspectives help develop different genres, that convey different human emotions. Human emotions are naturally messy, this is oftentimes produced in music. These productions can help the human brain, find peace. Radio Stations allow music to be publicized to different cultures and religions worldwide. Radio stations can help different people find an understanding with one another by showing people entertainment they haven’t heard before. This allows for connections to form. Radio’s, and the Media have similar intentions. Their main focus is producing areas of interest to the proper audience. This helps people find the area of entertainment they enjoy. What I love about this, is that oftentimes humans can become wrapped up in their own bubble and don’t stop to embrace the world around them. Entertainment is a way for humans to develop connections within themselves, and with others.

Morgan Wallen is a country artist who has recently been trending in the US. He is currently one of my favorite artists. I enjoy the way he conveys the human emotion of love. Here is one of my favorite songs by him:

“Morgan Wallen – Spin You Around (1/24) (Official Audio).” Morgan Wallen, 26th Jan 2024,

Growing up in the US. I learned the expression of music through Radio stations and the iPod touch. I enjoy Country, Hip Hop, Happy and Sad music. Listening to these different genres of music has allowed me to form an understanding of my own emotions. I always feel connected with myself and others when listening to music that I know is relatable. Humans are known for their emotions. Music allows me to see that everyone has feelings because music is the expression of it. Music has helped me develop relationships with others. My current friends and I have connected with one another when we find songs that all of us enjoy. This is how we build understanding with one another because it is not always easy to express feelings. However, you can see how someone is feeling at that moment when you hear the music they produce or listen to.

“Why Music is Important to Society.” YouTube, Tedx Talks, 3rd June 2021,

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