GIG GUIDE – Take One – 5th May 2017

Afternoon Eastsiders! Next week is bursting with amazing talent taking to a live venue near you. Why not get organised and cap off each day with some of your favourites, or take the time to discover something new? As always you can tune in Friday’s from 1:30PM-3PM for Take One to hear about these artists and more performing soon. Don’t forget to get in touch via our socials, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.

Take ONe 7th April

8.5.17 505 Jazz Jam and Games Night

8.5.17 Lazybones Lounge Plait

8.5.17 The Basement The Monday Jam

 Take ONe 7th April

9.5.17 Jazushi Paul Sun

9.5.17 Lazybones Lounge Pratt/Price/Zwartz

9.5.17 The Sheaf Modern Love

9.5.17 Opera Bar Looped Up Kicks

9.5.17 505 Old School Funk and Groove Night

9.5.17 Foundry 616 Sandy Evans Trio

Take ONe 7th April

10.5.17 AGNSW Ben Hauptmann Trio with Special Guests

10.5.17 Camelot Lounge Joseph Tawadros

10.5.17 Coopers Hotel Mitch Anderson

10.5.17 Leadbelly Newtown The White Tree Band

10.5.17 Jazushi Yutaro

10.5.17 Opera Bar Justine Eltakchi

10.5.17 505 Blue Wednesday

10.5.17 St Andrews Cathedral Royal Australian Navy

Take ONe 7th April

11.5.17 Lazybones Lounge Lvl 1 Andy Golledge

11.5.17 Camelot Lounge All Hail Chuck Berry


11.5.17 Foundry 616 Elysian Fields

11.5.17 Jazushi Monique Lysiak

11.5.17 The Sheaf Lady Like

11.5.17 Play Bar Kiyanosh & The Syndicate w/ Thunder Fox & The Knots **LIVE**

11.5.17 City Recital Hall Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp’s New Collaboration

11.5.17 Leadbelly Netown SMLXL + Anatomy Class + Soul Messengers

11.5.17 Opera Bar Miranda Carey

11.5.17 505 Slowpoke Rodriguez + Natalie Slade

11.5.17 Lazybones Lounge Clayton Doley’s Bayou Billabong

11.5.17 Lizottes Newcastle Troy Cassar Daley

Take ONe 7th April

12.5.17 Camelot Lounge Bump City

12.5.17 Berry Jazz Festival Steve Hunter Quartet

12.5.17 Jazushi Freefall Duo

12.5.17 Opera Bar Soulnights + Lady Like

12.5.17 Play Bar JORGE MONTIEL [UK]

12.5.17 Lazybones Lounge Crooked Frames, Spines, Slow Culture

12.5.17 Leadbelly Newtown William Craighton + Magpie + Jazon Walker

12.5.17 Marble Bar Brown Sugar

12.5.17 Foundry 616 The Vampires ‘The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke’ Album Launch

12.5.17 Lizottes Newcastle The Pigs

Take ONe 7th April

13.5.17 Opera Bar Lady Red + David Andrews Trio

13.5.17 Marble Bar Soul Empire

13.5.17 Jazushi Susan Gai Dowling

13.5.17 Berry Jazz Festival Young Berry Jazz Workshop, Queen Porter Stomp, Young Berry jazz Performance, Great Scott! The Music of Raymond Scott

13.5.17 Camelot Lounge Monsieur Camembert

13.5.17 lazybones Lounge Chorizo Slim and the Boogie Blues Band

13.5.17 505 Feel Good Jazz Session

13.5.17 Foundry 616 Gregg Arthur: Standard Time

13.5.17 Leadbelly Newtown The Pigs

Take ONe 7th April

14.5.17 The Sheaf Abuka

14.5.17 Camelot Lounge Ali and the Theives present Leonard Cohen Koans

14.5.17 Lazybones Lounge Jazon Isacc’s Tundra Ensemble

14.5.17 Jazushi Naoki Hoshino

14.5.17 Berry Jazz Festival Billie, Ella and Louis (Tricia Evy and Dan Barnett)

14.5.17 Opera Bar Glenn Esmond

14.5.17 Leadbelly Newtown On a Sunday Series ft. Coursed Waters

Take One 5th May 2017

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