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Facing adversity? Face it with the help of Professor Stevens

By: undefined undefinedNovember 06, 2023

Are you experiencing professional or personal changes and need help on how to deal with them? 

Professor David Stevens can offer you assistance!

Professor Stevens is a registered psychologist, clinician, counsellor, lecturer, author and facilitator. His impressive career working as an educational psychologist, organisational/corporate psychologist and a specialist clinician/behaviour psychologist has enabled him to help professionals as they overcome new developments in their careers and personal lives.

His multi-faceted approach to psychology allows him to share his professional advice in regard to a variety of different areas – psychology for private clients, organisations, corporations, engineering, cultures and schools. 

He provides services that exploit specific fields of psychology with proven pathways of insight to enhance individuals’ and group achievements, and also help convert personal, project and corporate adversity into prosperity.  

His 90-minute sessions give clients exclusive, private and confidential consultations for the Eastern Suburbs and CBD at a convenient Edgecliff location. 

If you’re a listener of Eastside Radio, you can secure a free initial personal and confidential phone call to discuss the available benefits best suited for you!

Call Professor Stevens personally on 0447 000 322 for further advice and private client considerations.

Does this sounds interesting to you? Find out more on his website:

Who: Professor Stevens

What: Helping Major Life-changing Adjustments Including Intergenerational Stressors

How: Call 0447 000 322 For Your First Free Consultation

To Find Out More On His Website Click Here

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