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by Max Massiah
posted 07/07/2022


In the end it’s all about connection. The connection with your inner self, the connection between the musicians on stage, and, of course, the connection between the band and its audience. For the last twenty five years, legendary bassist, singer and composer Avishai Cohen has grown to be one of the heavyweights of contemporary jazz, with a catalog to rival those of even the most legendary in the field of jazz and beyond. He became a name of concert hall stature around the world and headlined the best festivals any artist could dream of.

Born in Kabri, Isreal, Cohen grew up in a multicultural family with roots from Spain, Greece and Poland. A house filled with music spanning numerous genres and nationalities, influenced Avishai’s evolution to becoming one of the world’s most heralded bassists and composers. He mesmerizes audiences worldwide with works that merge and embrace American jazz, Latin music, Sephardic-Jewish folk songs, orchestral works, and even pop-tinged vocals.

“Shifting Sands” – his brand-new album – proves he’s not resting on his laurels, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to ‘Intertwined’ – the charged opening track and the cornerstone of the record – and you’ll feel right away that he raised the bar again. The message is loud and clear: it’s a new adventure on the DNA that you were already familiar with. Since the beginning of the century Avishai Cohen has traveled a varied road. He appeared leading with orchestras, led smaller ensembles and even duets. But it is the Trio format that he always returns to.

That unity between human, sound and soul creates a sublime, sonically layered record that links mature compositions with a very youthful energy thriving through the music. Avishai feels it too. At this stage of his life he has a degree of self-belief that gives him the courage to keep on pushing the boundaries. The compositions on Shifting Sands” were born at home near Jerusalem on his piano during the pandemic. For the first time in years, this kept him off the road for several months. He kept communicating with his audience through regular live-sessions on Facebook and Instagram. He considered it his little assignment. He had to practice, and it gave him a motivation, and some distraction in a period of time where the whole world felt lost and lonely. 

The latest album ‘Shifting Sands’, created during the pandemic, is the opposite of an isolation album but a celebration of music making and interaction. It’s bursting with a joyful energy with animated improvisation, that is only possible when a group are connected spiritually and musically.

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What: Avishai Cohen Trio

When: Tuesday 18th October, 8pm

Where: Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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