Community Billboard 12th September-18th September


This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydney’s Plan for the

future – Sydney 2030 – making our city more green, global and connected.

  • Betty Grumble - Image

    Betty Grumble

    With the recent release of "IT", many of us may have a mixed relationship with clowns, enter Betty Grumble, self styled "surreal showgurl, obscene beauty queen and sex clown".
    Sex Clown is an extraordinary, subversive show in which she puts her body on the line to spread an ecosexual gospel: the importance of having a loving, consensual relationship, of mutual respect and pleasure, with your planet. Her method? A cocktail of cabaret, burlesque and drag that's thoroughly queer, funny, sexy – sometimes shocking, occasionally visceral. It's a pump-your-fist-in-the-air fusion of environmental activism and sex positivity.
    It might be time to face that coulrophobia !

  • Unfashsionable - Image


    Sally Ryan is a contemporary realist painter. ‘Unfashionable’ is the title of her upcoming exhibition of recent artworks including figurative, interior and still-life paintings.
    Paint to a perceived fashion or stay true to one-self?
    This question was put to her last year as her rejected Archibald painting ‘#theprincewilkins’ was hanging in the Salon Des Refuses.
    Recognition, validation, acceptance – all compelling reasons to want to be fashionable. However, fashion is ephemeral.
    Her answer – stay true to oneself!
    As she paints for her first solo exhibition she keeps in mind the words of Adolf Loos: ‘Be not afraid of being unfashionable.’
    Come and meet the artist and watch her paint from life as she turns gallery into studio during this exhibition

  • Speak Your Mind : Feminism - Image

    Speak Your Mind : Feminism

    Speak Your Mind is series of panels that feature unique Australian voices from fiction authors and academics to activists and experts. Offering diverse perspectives on feminism, climate change, wellness, technology and race, this is an opportunity to join in the conversation.
    With feminism at the forefront of Australian political, social and economic rhetoric, our panellists write from various perspectives in Australia, America and Iran. They all explore how women are represented in history and fiction as well as in the fashion, modelling and sports industries.
    Panellists are: Cassie Lane,Tala Raasi, Lauren Sams and Samantha X . On Tonight, Newtown Library

  • Festival Of Democracy - Image

    Festival Of Democracy

    Hosted by the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney, the Festival of Democracy is open to all. There’s something for everybody.

    This year, the festival will open with the key question of whether democracy has been, in a sense, kidnapped. The festival will move on to questions of ‘democracy for who’ and how journalism can function in the democracies of today.

    Co-hosted with Sydney Ideas, the Post-Truth Initiative, and UTS School of Communications.

  • Free Tune ups In Waterloo! - Image

    Free Tune ups In Waterloo!

    Bring your bike along this evening for a free tune-up and other giveaways.
    Taking place 22A Crystal St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia
    Beside the fountain 4-5.30 pm.

    We’re talking to pedestrians and riders about respecting each other’s journey and sharing spaces with courtesy and grace.

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