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by reception
posted 14/08/2018

Book Review: I Had Such Friends

The book ‘i had such friends’ is a really engaging and thrilling book. It follows the story of Hamish (the second weirdest guy at school) and his newfound friend Peter Bridges who’s a tough football player and the last person to be friends with Hamish. But even since Charlie Parker, the most popular kid in school had died heroically saving his girlfriend in a car crash everything was different.


This book is a gripping novel that deals with sexuality, friendship and grief in a outback Australian setting. I found this book absolutely brilliant and I could not put it down till I had finished it. The climax and resolution of the book left me very satisfied and the book as a whole was very enjoyable.


I really want to commend Meg Gatland-Veness for creating this captivating novel that deals with some heavy topics, but still is interesting for the reader.


I would predominantly recommend this book to older teens, but I do believe anyone of any age would enjoy it. It does have themes of death and sex so probably not for anyone younger than 12 or 13.


I would rate this book 5/5 stars as it was engaging, interesting and a great book.



Ari Merten.

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