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by Paul Neeson
posted 20/09/2021

Are we entering the era of post-human entertainment? Our deep fake future.


Dr Kylie Pappalardo is Senior Lecturer in Law at Queensland  University of Technology and Chief Investigator of the Digital Media Research Centre. She is an expert on the development of deep-fake audio and video and the copyright ramifications of this new technology.

Dr. Kylie Pappalardo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now capable of taking existing recordings of an artist’s music and creating new works that are almost undetectable as fakes. But where does this leave the rights of the owner of the original work? It is a complex field and Dr Pappalardo explains where we stand today, and what the future may hold with the exponentially improving technology.

ABBA has released their first new album in 40 years, Voyage, and is about to go on a world tour as holograms. 3 dimensional light projections of the four Swedes have been created using motion capture of them miming, and then superimposing their 1980’s faces on the resulting ABBAtars.

ABBA in motion capture suits for hologram tour of Voyage. (photo Baillie Walsh)

With the advent of hologram tours, have we reached the era of post-human entertainment? It gives us pause to imagine those long gone artists and groups we love, coming back to life and performing once more: The Beatles reforming or the Rolling Stones touring until 2350 and beyond?

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