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by reception
posted 24/06/2019

Work Experience at Eastside Radio

My name is Nicola Herzberg and I’m a 15-year-old girl on year 10 work experience. I chose Eastside Radio station for my one week’s worth of work experience as I have a passion for radio and talking and I am fond of supporting a community radio station. Another advantage is that I’m gaining an idea of the mechanics and behind-the-scenes workings of how the station runs.

Often, when I get a lift from my dad to and from a place, Eastside Radio station is playing in the background of our conversation. I enjoy the varied styles of music on the station and the brightness and energy it produces to begin your day, as well as the calmness it brings to the end of your day. The presenters have a spark in their voice that keeps you engaged, making you never wanting to leave the car!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to pop music. Florence and The Machine, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran and Regina Spector are artists that I admire. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a little bit of Elton John as well! Their funky style of music that I listen to regularly energises the room. I think when I hear Eastside’s jazzy style of music playing, I greatly appreciate the different genres of music.

So far, I have been welcomed into the studio and I am already loving the cool vibes Eastside brings. The number of smiling presenters who walk into the studio excites me for the week to come. I greatly thank Tony for giving me this opportunity and I can’t wait for a week filled with fun and new experiences.

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