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by reception
posted 08/10/2019

Work Experience Here at Eastside 89.7FM

My name is Crozier Armstrong and I am in year 9 at 14 years old and volunteering here at Eastside Radio. I am volunteering here at Eastside Radio because I am an avid explorer and passionate listener of music and volunteering in the environment of a radio station such as Eastside Radio enables me to further develop and pursue my musical interests. Volunteering here at Eastside Radio also gives me the valuable experience of operating in the workforce, which is essential to have. 

As a passionate and keen discoverer of music, it is only natural that I immerse myself in the hands-on world of music. Some of genres that I enjoy learning about and listening to include punk, metal, hardcore, and alternative rock, but I do not limit myself to these and am always open to all sorts of music. I enjoy the rawness and aggressiveness of these genres and often the musicians involved with them offer new and meaningful perspectives which I find unique and interesting. 

I am also currently in two bands. In one I am the drummer in the other I am the. I enjoy the cooperation of being in a band and finding like-minded people who share same interests and tastes as me. Additionally, in turn by getting involved in creating my own music with a band, I am becoming more interested in discovering and seeing live music and supporting both local and international artists.

I am thoroughly looking forward to getting more experience at Eastside Radio, and it all starts at this post here! If anyone on work experience or otherwise ends up reading this, I sure you’ll have a great time here!

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