Work Experience at Eastside with Rebecca

November 27, 2023

My name is Rebecca and I’m a Year 10 Student completing my Work Experience placement with Eastside for the next week. I have always been interested in the media industry, so when I came across Eastside Radio online, I knew it would be a great place for me.

Music is something that has been with me my whole life, from a young age I learned to play piano and clarinet. Both of which I thoroughly enjoyed playing and listening to. Although I no longer play an instrument, I listen to music everyday and it is a big part of my life. Listening to the radio in the car was one of the first ways I got exposed to different genres of music, which is why I’m pumped to complete my work experience with Eastside.

Most of the time I listen to pop music, but I want to expand my music taste. One of the things I love about Eastside is that the radio is always playing so I can listen to all different types of jazz music and different podcasts while I complete tasks.

During my time here at Eastside, I wish to gain more knowledge about the media industry and be able to experience what goes on behind the scenes of a radio station. As I briefly mentioned before, I am interested in the Media industry and have thought about becoming a presenter/journalist many times before. I believe that Eastside will provide me with invaluable first-hand experience in this field which will help me to further my interest in the broadcasting industry.

So far, everyone that I have talked to has been extremely kind and welcoming to me and I am very much looking forward to what experiences the following week may bring.

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