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by reception
posted 06/08/2018

Work Experience at Eastside Radio

My name is Phoenix Hart and I will be undergoing work experience at Eastside Radio from the 6th to 10th of August. I am a Year 10 student and music has always been my passion. I came to Eastside because I grew up listening to various radio stations and am considering pursuing it as a career. I’m extremely excited to learn the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes of a radio station and the way radio shows are recorded and broadcasted.

Music I am Interested In

My music taste is very diverse, especially when compared to other girls my age, who mostly listen to top 50 hits. Of course, I do enjoy some of these tracks from time to time, but I also listen to older or less popular artists, such as Louis Armstrong, The Beatles and Rebecca Sugar to name a few.

I also make my own music and love jamming out with my instruments. I have been playing multiple instruments since I was in kindergarten, when my mum took me to my first piano lesson. After about a year of learning, I decided to drop it, but in Year 3 I returned to classical music and began to learn the flute. I absolutely loved it and am still playing it to this day.

I’ve taught myself multiple other instruments since learning the flute, including bass, acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, drums, violin and more. I’ve also revived my passion for piano and am slowly learning to play it again. Playing this many instruments has exposed me to many different genres and styles of music, and I couldn’t pick a favourite if I was asked. It has taught me to find the purpose of all songs and to appreciate the amount of time and effort put into each track. 

Why Eastside?

From the first time I heard about Year 10 Work Experience in Year 8, I knew that I wanted to go to somewhere that was mainly focused on music, as I have picked Music as a HSC subject. When we began looking for places to attend work experience, I immediately thought that a radio station would be a good choice, but I didn’t want to go to one with a big studio, such as Nova, because I wanted the experience to be a little more personal and immersive. I had heard of Eastside before and liked the kind of music that they played on their station, so I decided to contact them for work experience.

I’m very interested in the community side of this station. I like how most presenters are volunteers and are here because they love radio and presenting. I am highly looking forward to learning about the radio station experience inside and out, and figuring out how to socialise and work at both presenting and behind the scenes work.

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